Monday, June 21, 2010

Sydney Part II

Hello All,

It's been a little over a year since my last adventure, but keeping with tradition I hope to continue to travel "big" once a year going forward. This year's trip has brough me down under for the second time. Toff, my mate from Adelaide and traveling buddy from South America is getting married. Against all sorts of common wisdom he put me in charge of bringing the rings from the states. No worries, I have the rings. My pack with all my belongings is another story.

So here I am, day three wearing other people's clothes. It's not quite like walking in their shoes, but you get the gist. My friend Amy and her housemate Alli have put me up with the most gracious hospitality. I have my own couch, a terrace in downtown Sydney for drinking wine and watching fruit bats, and easy access to Circular Quay for ferry trips to Sydney surrounds.

All-in-all, things are well. As with any adventure there are stories, stories and more stories. As they continue to unfold I'll be sure to post. Until then I'll leave you with a short description of how I arrive Oz-side.

Talking with Steve, a burgeoning hip-hop fashion mogul, I quipped that customs was going to have a field day when I passed through the gates. Naturally, he asked why. I joked that I was getting off the plane with nothing more than the clothes on my back, a ladies handbag filled with panty hose and two bottles of bourbon - no suitcases or basics for a 40-day stay. But hey, I made the flight.